Don’t leave your bearers bare

Don’t leave your bearers bare.

Oiling the decks can be an arduous chore but it doesn’t end there the underside would benefit from a lick and a promise here and there also. We often tend to what we see and want it to look good however oils and paint also provide a more important role than making the appearance better. They serve a very solid purpose in preservation and protection.

The underside of our houses is not something to many people take to much notice of. It’s an out of mind out of site scenario however there is lot to be done here if your looking at protecting your home, furniture and occupants.

Constantly changing weather conditions in the tropical north have some very undesirable effects on construction. Wood rot and other timber deteriorations, vermin infestations and a greater risk of fire to mention some key players. Often things are taken for granted with timber. It can be very long lasting in the right conditions. Sealed in a roof or within a wall sealed from the weather and it powers on. Exposed to the weather in any way and deterioration can be seen as early as 10 or 20 years on.

Oiling or painting exposed timber and sealing the bottom of the house creates a dryer environment. Less moisture penetration and change helps preserve the timber bearers  and minimise rust and corrosion in the stumps and other parts of the understory. 

Sealing the bottom of your home also goes a long way to protecting you from fire and pest infestation by minimising or limiting what can access this area. Pests or vermin aside their very existence being unwanted also can have some negative effects on your home building their nests and playgrounds within your structure. Fire can be slowed by not allowing it a feee flow from the underside and relying on hard panel surfaces to ignite as opposed to well seasoned dry timber.

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