Highset V Lowset

Lifting or Lowering Your Home

Among the advantages and disadvantages of going high set or low set with your home or house there are a few that stand out and will make a difference in what you want to achieve. Desirability and practicality play a huge role. Personal preferences will be important to some, investment gains or investment preservation will be of more importance to others.

It could be that you would like to have your home high set to reach a better viewpoint or gain more living space. On the other hand you may desire or require your home or building to be closer to the ground for easier access. Your overall budget may be an influence and the lower building cost an advantage.

Lowering your building in comparison with lifting has a huge saving in the costs of building work. Construction costs are lower both at the time and with any future work you may do. Ongoing maintenance is easier and therefore less expensive.  Direct savings such as less steel in the post construction, less reinforcement and bracing is required. Indirectly there is less handling and therefore lower equipment costs. 

With the increased costs of lifting to a high set position so to does the potential for increased property values. Exceptions to this may be where your home is located in an area with an older population.  People looking to buy in that area are looking for homes to buy with easier access.

High Set

Low Set

Better Views Lower Building Costs
Increased Floor Space Less Maintenance
Increased Property Value Easier Access


In the right area the costs of lifting and building in when compared with the final outcome or property resale value can be considerably advantages and in most cases the benefits are well worth the investment.

Many older homes are in a mid set position. This was done to allow airflow under the house to help with cooling. With modern day insulation’s and building methods and materials it has become an obsolete practice. The extra materials used to have it in this location neither high or low topped with an almost unusable space in most cases are not desirable. Investment gains, building and maintenance costs, and accessibility render it impractical to leave or put back without at least some further consideration. There is much to be gained with this transformation.