Levelling and Replacing posts or Restumping

Levelling Repairs V Full Restump

It’s always better to do something if your building is unlevel. The very telltale’s that inform you of this problem are not the only thing that stands to be damaged. Doors not closing properly, windows jamming, cracks in the wall, rolling floors among the many things that can alert you to the problem. The problems don’t stop there eventually all the symptoms will show. Depending on how long it’s been that way, will impact on the costs to repair your home. Small cracks undetected on the exterior lead to the invasion of the elements and deterioration expedites. This process doesn’t miss anything and gets right into every little detail even rusting bolts and nails holding structures together.

An unlevel structure can put a hold on any renovations. Small things like trimming doors to close in a current unlevel state will come back to you when the structure is finally levelled. New roofs can bend and warp and fixings can be loosened if the structure is not right. Adjusted gaps will have a negative effect when the building is straightened. To top it off it might not go back to how it was due to new work holding sections of it in fixed positions.

In most cases if it’s addressed early enough it is not necessary to restump the building all at once. This is usually only restricted by budget.  And it need not compromise the structure of the building any further if approached sensibly. Levelling it up identifying the worst of the posts and replacing them is often enough to keep the integrity of the structure intact. The rest can be replaced at another time or over time and with a little ongoing maintenance made manageable. Maintenance is the key here. As with anything if it’s preserved it will last much much longer. Keeping your posts clean, painted and pest free and insuring there’s no water pooling around the base or sitting on their tops will extend their life. Keeping your overall costs down into the future.