Our Services

  • House Lifting (Raising)
  • Lowering
  • Levelling
  • Repositioning
  • Re Stumping
  • Understory Infill and Panelling
  • Re Blocking
  • Underpinning
  • Building Maintenance

Providing products, services and equipment for supporting, lifting, lowering , levelling, re-positioning  restumping, reblocking and understory sealing and protection.  Services for repairs and general maintenance of elevated timber homes.

Servicing the Whitsunday’s, Airlie Beach, Bowen, Cannonvale, Collinsville and Proserpine. We provide services for all renovations, restorations, maintenance and repairs. We only work with local builders providing hands on supervised construction services. If you don’t have a builder we can engage or recommend one for you under a full project management scheme. Or we can provide costings to you direct or to your builder working under your own builders supervision.

House Lifting

House Lifting

Services for lifting your house, to gain better views, increase your living space, double your potential floor space that you can build in. Providing space for in house garages, home studios and various other additions. See our blog for some ideas on lifting your home, renovating, blocking or building in with a high set view in mind.


House Lowering

Lowering your house for accessibility and for lower project costs, there are some great advantages and cost savings to be had by lowering your house and for the less mobile being closer to the ground is a must. Our blog page for lowering will help for some more great ideas and advantages to lowering your home.


House leveling and Restumping

A sagging bearer, not enough posts under a house or a post sinking into the ground can make the whole house twist out of kilter making doors jam, rolling floors and hard to deal with windows. Sometimes it may be a simpler task than first thought and a quick fix for extra tight budgets, leveling the house and taking up where posts have sunken and replacing a few key posts.

House Restumping/Reblocking

House re-stumping and services to assist with all  building structural upgrades. Support systems for blocking in or restumping your house. Replacing damaged posts and other repairs, such as bearer replacement  and floor leveling.

Building Maintenance

Support systems to keep your building functional and up to standard.  Keeping up with the maintenance can be a task however well worth it for long term preservation. Building maintenance is important to keep your home safe and your investment solid. It also helps to keep insurance premiums lower.  With an ongoing building maintenance program, and sound footings and foundations your home is not only safer. Your pathway to claiming damage restoration is much clearer.

Stumping and Renovation Products, Fabrication and Supply

Galvanised Steel Products

Quality hot dipped galvanised steel stumps

Hot Dipped Universal Beams

Painted Beams

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