The Real Costs of Renovation: Building Subcontractors

The building now supported excavations can begin and the structural work can be performed. Depending on your scope once again you and your builder will determine who you need and when. Subcontractors are often preferred by a particular building company over others and sometimes you the owner may have preferences as to who you prefer to use.  Its not usually to much of an issue most contractors and subcontractors are willing to get along to get on with the job so there is freedom to move there. The builder will make their recommendations however you will have more than the fair say here. Whereas the subcontractors has obligations you may over the builder have more responsibility in ensuring they provide to satisfaction what their engaged to do.

Building and Restumping Subcontractors

More commonly stumping subcontractors are contracted for this work. In some cases such as blocking in a brickie or chippie may provide this work in the case of structural build ins over infill wall sections between stumps.

Restumping has several serious tasks at hand. These tasks and in no particular order consist of. The fabrication of the stumps constructed to the engineers specifications and requirements. The removal of the old stumps or supporting structure. Excavation for the new supports or stumps. Installation of the new stumps in readiness. And pouring of the concrete around the stumps at their footing. High set houses can have very deep footings, concrete can be built up around them and where land is not stable old techniques of stabilisation walls were used this needs to be removed. On a low set house there is very little room to move and although the old footings stumps etc are not such a big deal the restrictions in height make it an equally difficult task.


Price Guide – $18 000 – $30 000  A very accessible low set house with less than 20 stumps would be on the low end with the high end representing a very large low  or high set home, or smaller bearers on smaller homes with over 35 stumps.