The Real Costs of Renovation: Building Support Lifting or Lowering

With the formalities out of the way and a clear plan the building can be supported to allow for the footing upgrade or re-stump. A supporting steel frame will need to be installed to take the weight of the building off the stumps or structural walls. The frame will need to hold the building securely in place keeping it safe for workman to excavate the foundations for either restumping with the stumps or blocking in.

Building Support Systems

This is where the team at Hydraulift come in. Once again the full scope of the renovations will have a lot to do with how far you go with this and how we go about it. The first consideration or issue will be attachments. Built on sections of the building, split level floors, carports and garages. These are more generally attached to the main building and will either need to be removed if lifting or lowering of the building is desirable. Otherwise if they are to stay then the building will need to be re-stumped at this or the original level.

Aside any issues with attachments the building can be re-stumped at the height more desirable to your taste. Some council restriction do apply to minimum and maximum heights however everything in between is at your discretion. The higher you go the bigger the engineering concern becomes, however if its more room you are desiring or you have some other need including financial gains then its not so much a concern more so a process to work through to build a safe home or building.

Price Guide – $5000 – $12 000 Support for a simple low set re-stump that is staying the same height would be at the low end here and a lift to a council accepted high set height with a small re-positioning being a metre or two would be at the top end.