Steel Beam Bearer Upgrade

Steel Beams for upgrading bearers and eliminating stumps

There are a several very good reasons we incorporate steel beams into  restumping and other footing upgrade or renovation projects. Steel beams are available in different styles or types and sized to suite various different applications.

Some low set buildings may incorporate steel beams into the restumping project to eliminate stumps in more difficult to reach places. If a building is to close to the ground for safe working or perhaps even to work at all then another solution must be found. In some cases it may be easier to lift the building up to a safer and more manageable height. In other cases if the outside can be reached to install stumps then a beam can be installed to make the centre posts redundant. There is still some work that needs to be done under for instance the beam needs to be fixed or bolted to the bearer. However it saves an enormous amount of work excavating new holes for the stumps fixing the new stumps and a whole lot of concrete. This can also be the case for a high set house where there are a large number of centre posts it may be more cost effective to go this way. 

Many older homes weren’t built to today’s standard and whereas they have passed the test of time weathering the severe North Queensland storms when it comes time to renovating or restoring they will need to meet the current standards. This isn’t usually to much of an issue and something you would probably want in any case for peace of mind. One of the problems that can present itself is bearers can be either inadequate or they may be of a smaller size requiring a large number of stumps to be installed or present. Reinforcing the bearer with steel minimises the need for stumps increasing the span between them and makes the floor more solid.

Floor space is another reason steel beam are used. As we previously mentioned installing beams increases the span between stumps and therefore in a high set scenario the underside of the house can be virtually stump free in the centre of the building. In this case some stumps are still used in the centre of the building however the design is such that they are built into internal walls.