Timber Finishings over Hot Dipped Gavanised Steel

Establishing the balance

Hot dipped galvanised steel in our opinion is without any doubt the best stump that has been produced since concrete stumps were formed. Concrete has stood the test of time still present under some older homes. They look good however are heavy and replacement costs are high. Timber needs constant maintenance and a 20-30 year replacement strategy. Steel prior to hot dipping would also have the same replacement needs however through alloying steel in the galvanising process that produces a product comparable in longevity to concrete.

Steel stumps need not be offensive and there are certain advantages to finishing off with timber or panelling. Although quite often left as they were installed with budgets making the decisions. They serve their functional purpose however appearance of your home is diminished. Appearance is certainly not everything in fact to some it’s of little importance. However it’s not only appearances that are gained by finishings. The timber or panelling have the added advantage of sealing up your home helping to keep vermin and other unwanted animals from access. And also helping to keep the weather out.

With some home styling the long lasting and rigid security of the steel stumps can be combined with timber finishing to provide the look right for your home. Vertical and horizontal slatting will help protect the underside, footings and foundations. Keeping it clean pest free and drywhile providing a great look for your home.

This can be taken a step further and the harwood timbers slating and or panelling can be selected and constructed to give you extra lateral structural support.  Treated hardwood framing between the stumps on a low set house go along way to minimising the damaging movement in your home.

Bracing the stumps onto each other providing a finished timber infills to your home is inexpensive and will help to make your home safer and provide a great look.